Earn a few bucks

As I mentioned before, I am an unpaid intern. While this means I do not need to file taxes, as I don’t have a real income, it does leave me with a rather small amount of money to live on. Typically, this is the time when you go into your savings to subsidize your lack of income, however, I am only 21.

With an already depleted savings account, I was left to only one true option for making money, selling blood plasma…not actually. No, instead of going the blood-seller route, I instead rejuvenated an old hobby of mine and began to buy and sell cell phones, because after all, cell phones rule the world!

Buying and selling phones is referred to as “flipping phones.” It is rather easy and despite the little inventory you deal with, it is a rather lucrative market. For example, over the summer I purchased on three separate Blackberry Curve 8520’s for somewhere in the range of $65 on average. Then after cleaning them up, I used my journalism experience to my advantage and wrote up great ads for them and placed them back onto Craigslist.com at a reasonable price. This price, although reasonable, is still well above my bargain-basement prices that I purchased the phone for and leaves me with a profit typically averaging around $65 per phone. So, I am essentially making 100% profit by spending twenty minutes searching for phones and then another twenty writing a proper ad for it.

While this is a way to earn a few dollars, it is a very unstable way, as the entire success of the business relies solely on other people deciding to buy and sell phones. Although I wish I had a real job, where I made consistent money, I do appreciate doing this type of venture in my spare time, and hopefully I can continue to subsidize my income this way until I have a quality way of making a few dollars.


4 Responses to Earn a few bucks

  1. alisonklapper says:

    When you brought your new phone to class I didn’t realize that it was how you made money. Are you keeping it or planning on selling it? Do you have just write new ads or do you fix the phones?

    • hkaplanm says:

      I am gonna keep this one, just cause I have wanted it for awhile, but eventually I am sure I will sell it. I have fixed a few phones, but only when I realize the person who had it before me missed something really obvious in trying to fix it, but mostly just the ads.

  2. pdxsx says:

    No kidding, cell phones? Fascinating. I smell an entrepreneurial opportunity here! I’m impressed!


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