Free? Yes please!

The best word a college student can hear has to be “FREE.” Whether it be on a raggedy-old couch on the sidewalk, or a friend’s old television that he said you could take; when the word free is associated, it is automatically better.

But my favorite “free” is not a couch or a television, but food. While couches and televisions are few are far between, a solid free meal hook-up is always a good thing to have!

Tonight I got a free Chimichanga from my favorite Mexican food restaurant Ole Ole. My friend Lindsay’s parents opened the restaurant quite a few years ago, it is as delicious as ever, and I highly recommend it.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to know kind and generous people who own a restaurant. Because of this, if someone wants free food, they’re going to need to find other ways to get it. One way that I did this, that was actually unintentionally was by creating a Facebook page for my favorite sandwich shop, Taste Tickler.

The page for Taste Tickler, which I only made because I missed it while in Eugene, was a revelation to the family at Taste Tickler. After only a few hours of my friends “liking” the page, the page exploded and now has over 1,500 fans. When I mentioned it to Andi at Taste Tickler, he had me sit down with his dad and talk about possibly running the site for them. After a bit of deliberation, we decided it might be best that we just leave it be and not worry about it too much. But instead of just thanking me, he gave me a huge gift card for the restaurant (I ate there at least once a week for about four months straight, 14 inch every time).

Although I do still run the site, I do it based on my love of Taste Tickler. Because of that, they appreciate it and have been giving me discounts ever since. While it may not be free, there is nothing better than heading over to Taste Tickler on my lunch break from my internship and eating a delicious Chicken Teriyaki sub with no tomatoes (known as the Haven, I am not kidding, try it yourself, they know what it is!) or the ABT (Avocado, bacon, turkey). Taste Tickler is the best sub shop in town and without a doubt is worth every penny. While free is the best word a college student can hear, after saving all that money on a free couch or television, you should head on over to Taste Tickler use some of those savings on a delicious sub!


3 Responses to Free? Yes please!

  1. Jeff Pollock says:

    I’ve definitely been frequenting Taste Tickler as well since I’ve been back in Portland. Maybe I’ll have to mix it up and try the Haven next time…

    • hkaplanm says:

      Haha, that’s awesome. I kept telling them I was gonna post on the website for people to call it the Haven, but I figured this was a less-direct way to do the same thing.

  2. Alison says:

    Pok Pok just had free food and drink two weeks ago. It was a fantastic anniversary celebration. So, I guess, check it out next year!

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